My Bees Are Here!

After weeks of waiting, my nuc is installed in my hive! It was a slightly stressful evening, Because as we were bringing our nuc home, two bees escaped and were loose in the car! We had three stings while we were installing it, but the bees seem to be healthy and enjoying their new home. Also, my Gold Award Project has been approved and I am beginning to work on planning out my booths at the Cool Creek Concerts this summer!

More Pre-Bee Adventures

Wow. That was a lot of work. We have finished building a beehive paver-patio in my backyard. We put a lot of planning into it, and tried to make it look good, as it is going to be there for a while. We first had to decide where we were going to put the hive, and subsequently the patio. That was fairly tough. We ended up with a place up against our neighbors fence, with the opening towards our yard. We then decide how big we were going to make the patio. We eventually decided on 72″ x 80″. Then came the hard part. Since there was a slight dip leading to the fence, we had to level the ground. We dug out dirt from the higher side and put the dirt on the lower side. After a lot of digging, and moving the dirt around, we had an area that was fairly level. After that, we spread some sand over the entire area to fine tune the leveling. We used paver pads instead of gravel, so that next big step was putting down the pavers. Each paver stone weighed about 100 pounds and we had 15 of them. It took a lot of work from my dad and brother to move all of the stones into the backyard and into place. It was a lot of work, and it took 2 full afternoons to construct, but the results are beautiful.

Pre-Bee Adventures

Beekeeping is initially a very overwhelming hobby. You need a lot of supplies including a hive, a smoker, some protective gear, some bees, and a hive tool. In addition to supplies, you also need a wide base of knowledge. I attended a multi-session beginner course through my local bee club, as well as the Indiana Beekeepers Association’s Annual Bee School.

I purchased my supplies from a local bee supply company. When we got home, we had to assemble the hive boxes and all of the frames to go in the boxes. That was a family adventure, and everyone was helping to glue and nail the pieces together. It took about 3 hours to fully assemble my hive. Later that week, we went to Lowes to get an outdoor paint/sealant to protect my hive from the elements. We ended up with a stain, one that someone rejected, so we got it for pretty cheap. It took my dad and I about an hour to stain the outside of all of the boxes, the outer cover, and the bottom board.

Now my hive is fully assembled and bee-ready. We have purchased the materials to create a beehive area in my backyard. Once we have put the backyard area together, then we will just be waiting on my bees!

My Backstory

Soooo… you are probably wondering how this random 15 year old girl has decided to become a beekeeper. I’ll tell you. It’s all because of my Grandpa. He got bees last year (2018) and I was able to see him work his hive, and it set off a spark in me, and I knew that I wanted to get bees of my own. It took a bit of convincing to get my parents on board, but we are now waiting to get my Nuc that is coming in early May.