More Pre-Bee Adventures

Wow. That was a lot of work. We have finished building a beehive paver-patio in my backyard. We put a lot of planning into it, and tried to make it look good, as it is going to be there for a while. We first had to decide where we were going to put the hive, and subsequently the patio. That was fairly tough. We ended up with a place up against our neighbors fence, with the opening towards our yard. We then decide how big we were going to make the patio. We eventually decided on 72″ x 80″. Then came the hard part. Since there was a slight dip leading to the fence, we had to level the ground. We dug out dirt from the higher side and put the dirt on the lower side. After a lot of digging, and moving the dirt around, we had an area that was fairly level. After that, we spread some sand over the entire area to fine tune the leveling. We used paver pads instead of gravel, so that next big step was putting down the pavers. Each paver stone weighed about 100 pounds and we had 15 of them. It took a lot of work from my dad and brother to move all of the stones into the backyard and into place. It was a lot of work, and it took 2 full afternoons to construct, but the results are beautiful.

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