Pre-Bee Adventures

Beekeeping is initially a very overwhelming hobby. You need a lot of supplies including a hive, a smoker, some protective gear, some bees, and a hive tool. In addition to supplies, you also need a wide base of knowledge. I attended a multi-session beginner course through my local bee club, as well as the Indiana Beekeepers Association’s Annual Bee School.

I purchased my supplies from a local bee supply company. When we got home, we had to assemble the hive boxes and all of the frames to go in the boxes. That was a family adventure, and everyone was helping to glue and nail the pieces together. It took about 3 hours to fully assemble my hive. Later that week, we went to Lowes to get an outdoor paint/sealant to protect my hive from the elements. We ended up with a stain, one that someone rejected, so we got it for pretty cheap. It took my dad and I about an hour to stain the outside of all of the boxes, the outer cover, and the bottom board.

Now my hive is fully assembled and bee-ready. We have purchased the materials to create a beehive area in my backyard. Once we have put the backyard area together, then we will just be waiting on my bees!

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